Test Center of Excellence

TCoE services will help you set up your Test Centre of Excellence from scratch and work closely to come up with the overall vision, roadmap, and structure for the TCoE. We bring in the innovation and expertise needed to build a comprehensive Test Center of Excellence (TCoE). Customers love to work with us on their TCoEs because we don’t ask them to reinvent the wheel and get rid of what worked in the past

TCoE setup correctly can help cross-functional teams collaborate together, reduce redundancies and streamline diverse testing processes, accelerating the software testing life cycle. Where we take responsibility for test processes at the enterprise or program level. Our agile teams of testing professionals are cross-trained in multiple technologies and can be scaled up or down on demand – allowing clients to meet fluctuating resource requirements.

A few business benefits of working in a TCoE environment are:

  • Improved job satisfaction levels
  • Increased level of automation
  • Process maturity
  • More time to focus on important activities that add more value
  • Reduced technology risk, and plans for the mitigation
  • Cost Savings