Performance Testing

Animation: defining the Problem and why you will require us

  • Having issue with production downtime and poor performance
  • High post production performance issues
  • Experiencing communications bottlenecks, Slow data transfer rate
  • Unable to know if the issue is with effectiveness of a computer, network, your product

Performance Testing process

  • Capture the current Problem Statement
  • Identify keybusiness processes
  • Share Performance Test Plan

    Performance testing framework

  • Comprehensive questionnaire
  • Well defined performance test lifecycle
  • Unique infrastructure setup,, test analysis, reporting andmaintenance of performance test assets
  • Detailed test analysis reports identifyingperformance bottlenecks
  • Provide Recommendations

PiSoft has rich experience in Performance Testing tools like Load Runner, Rational Performance Tester, VSTS and other open source tools such as JMeter. The team is proficient with the approach, methodology and framework to provide an end-to-end performance solution. We conduct an end-to-end consulting from defining a performance testing approach, identification of appropriate tools and methodologies, setting up test infrastructure, test analysis, reporting and maintenance of performance test assets.

Our 4 Step Process is designed in such a way as to address any threats that can hamper yourproduction environment and help organizations correct capacity and performance issues prior to deployment.


  • Collect the details using the performance questionnaire
  • Establish Test Goals
  • Prepare Test Plan


  • Application Walkthrough and Freeze workload structure
  • Set up master data
  • Create performance scripts


  • Execute performance tests
  • Collect performance metrics


  • Analyze test results
  • Prepare performance test Report