Mobility Testing

According to leading analysts the shipment of smart devices has already beaten.In the rapidly growing mobile market—unlike the more familiar realm of desktop- and web-based software—your customer is often on the move, and the proverbial moment of truth is just a narrow slice of time, so you really don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

The largest of the players in this segment lack the skills and resources to test mobile apps. Even the largest global service providers often come short of the skills and resources to test and provide mobile apps from a hardware, end-user, operating system, synchronization and security perspective.

That’s why you need Pisoftinc, a new gen pure-play software testing company focused on the digital enterprise space – our testing team, and access tothe mobile testing automation tool which can help you to execute the same test script across platforms. As a result the scripting time can be minimized and same time can be used for more test coverage.