Functional Testing

PiSoft’s testing team consists of experts that have deep knowledge in different domains that include Banking, Insurance, Financial services, Telecom and ISVs. Using a right mixture of risk based and scenario based test case design techniques and relying on our huge library of reusable test assets driven by a well-defined test methodology,PiSoft offers services that include:

System Integration Testing focusing on identifying defects / potential failure points by focusing on both component level integration plan and system level integration plan. End-to-End Testing life cycle starts right from discussing with clients on the implicit and explicit requirements, identification of potential reusable test assets and developing effective test conditions by relying on industry standard test case design techniques.

Regression Testing covering build verification tests and smoke tests consisting of running a set of up to date and predefined set of tests that focus on identifying potential defects that might have been introduced as a result of defect fixing or modification of the code base. These test cases are designed in a manner that helps switch over from manual testing to automated testing in a seamless manner.

Customer / User Acceptance Testing starts with a focused attention on identification of the top priority test conditions / business scenarios by working close with the business users early in the software development life cycle. These business scenarios executed on a continuous basis validates fitness of the application for deployment on the production environment / pre-production environment.