Digital Testing

Digital technology is changing the world faster than ever, and enterprises are making all efforts to leverage its potential to the fullest.Pisoftinc understands that in this context it is only natural that a typical test scenario might start on a web client, move through a mobile app and then back to web, and maybe even insist on an independent verification against the database backend.

PisoftInc, methodologies, techniques, and specialists ensure that the application is thoroughly validated for User Experience covering responsive web design patterns, screen resolutions, accessibility, usability, content, navigation etc.This major shift is urging organizations across verticals especially in BFSI, Retail, eCommerce, HCLS, Travel, and Hospitality adapt to Digital Trends.

Applications are required to exhibit high performance levels, interactivity, security and speed. Interoperability of applications across various platforms, browsers, servers and languages is critical. Additionally, increased customer usage means that these applications have to adhere to usability and performance standards set by the enterprise.